Postojna Cave Park, Fascinating Magical World

Postojna Cave has been attracting crowds of admirers from all over the world for over two hundred years. Today the known parts of the Postojna spelaean system comprise 24 km, which means that Postojna Cave is the largest show cave of the Classic Karst in Europe. Its picturesque and mysterious underground world is also a prime location for special cave adventures. At Vivarium Proteus, in the immediate vicinity of Postojna Cave, visitors can see some of the most interesting cave-dwelling animals and at EXPO Cave Karst, the world’s largest exhibition on caves and the karst, they can learn everything there is to know about the origin and tourism-related development of Postojna Cave. For more information click here

Postojna Cave 056_Iztok Medja


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panorama, grad, Blaž Pogačnik (18)