Mission | Vision | Strategy

FKKT is an educational and research institution that strives for excellence and increase of knowledge with the help of basic and applied research.We are striving for academic correctness and integrity which offers our students the same possibilities of education and creative collaboration in the educational process. The Faculty exposes basic values like freedom of thought and expression, equality and tolerance.

FKKT will continue to enable transfer of intellectual potential with the goal to become one of the leading scientific research institutions locally and internationally. Quality study programs will contribute to more demand for graduates and scientists, trained at FKKT. All faculty activities will be based exclusively on professional excellence, academic freedom of employees and students, creativity, autonomy, sympathy, equal opportunities and mostly in creating the sense of community.

We are aware of the fact that only intellectually free person be innovative when creating, that is why FKKT offers its students and professors full academic autonomy ineducation, teaching and research processes. With its basic activities—education and research—the faculty wants to contribute to sufficient number of human resources for faster economic and cultural development in the Republic of Slovenia and specially in its region.