Participation in other ARIS projects


2023-2026: Nanofibrilar cellulose membranes in microbial fuel cells: material development for sustainable, high value-added applications

Principal investigator: Selestina Gorgieva, PhD


2023-2026: Development of electrochemical gas sensor for early detection of volatile peroxo explosives

Principal investigator: Vasko Jovanovski, PhD


2023-2026: Synergistic Effect of Noble Metal Dispersion and Metal-Support Interactions in Anion-Exchanged Layered Metal Hydroxides for Efficient CO2 Hydrogenation Catalysis

Principal investigator: Andraž Mavrič, PhD


2022–2025: New complex, bone layer incorporating human in vitro skin model for testing of non-invasive glucose sensors

Principal investigator: assoc. prof. Tina Maver


2022–2025: Fundamental understanding of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction for a new generation of nickel-based electrocatalysts in alkaline water and chlor-alkali electrolysis

Principal investigator: Dušan Strmčnik, PhD


2022-2025: Unlocking the selective catalytic conversion processes of CO2 to ethanol – UliSess

Principal investigator: assoc. prof. dr. Blaž Likozar


2022–2025: The development of a highly sensitive electrochemical method for trace determination of antibiotic compounds based on magnetic polymeric nanocomposites in environmental systems

Principal investigator: Olivija Plohl, scientific associate


2021 – 2024: Development of high-performance piezoelectric coatings for self-powering of nonwovens used in e-mobility

Principal investigator: Prof. Vanja Kokol


2021 – 2024: Advanced extraction and formulation of functional tannin food supplements with beneficial health effects

Principal investigator: Prof. Željko Knez


2021 – 2024: Bionanotechnology as a tool for stabilization and applications of bioactive substances from natural sources

Principal investigator: Prof. Maja Leitgeb


2020 – 2023: A strategy to improve the quality of life and orthopaedic treatment of cartilage lesions – Advanced 3D (bio)printed scaffolds for tissue regeneration

Principal investigator: Prof. Matjaž Vogrin


2020 – 2023: Chemical Carcinogenesis: Mechanistic Insights

Principal investigator: Prof. Urban Bren


2020 – 2023: Synthesis and characterization of sporopollenine-based biocomposite materials with biocidalactivity against antibiotic-resistant microorganisms

Principal investigator: Prof. Mladen Franko


2019 – 2022: Novel innovative solutions for diaper rash treatment using diapers with probioticbacteria

Principal investigator: Assoc. Prof. Uroš Maver


2019 – 2022: Smart materials for bioapplications

Principal investigator: Prof. Željko Knez


2018 – 2021: Molecular genetic biomarkers and mechanisms of unresponsiveness to biological therapy anti-TNF in patients with chronic immune diseases

Principal investigator: Prof. Uroš Potočnik


2018 – 2021: Purification and formulation of chemicals using supercritical fluids

Principal investigator: Prof. Željko Knez