Research activity

Research Fields

  • represents molecular modeling and computer simulation of chemical carcinogenesis and microwave chemistry with rational drug design
  • include the study of kinetics and reaction’s mechanisms on the corroded metal surfaces in the systems, which have not been studied yet. Researches are focused on:
    • chemical resistant steels in model solutions of aggressive media
    • inhibitors of corrosion processes with the surfactant use
    • the use of green surfactants
    • protective coatings on metals
    • corrosion at high temperatures and pressures
    • corrosion of alluminium
  • Measurements are performed with the potentiodynamic method, instruments measuring electrochemical noise and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

Research Equipment

  • System for corrosion measurments: Eletrochemical Interface and Frequency Response Analyzer, Solarton
  • SSystem for corrosion measurments with electrochemical noise method: potentiostat IMP 88 PC- R
  • Faraday cage for noiseless corrosion measurments
  • Densitymeter with vibratong U – tube, DMA 60/520/602
  • Computer clusters 1 and 2
  • Spectrophotometer UV-Vis Cary 50
  • Portable Refractometer Mettler Toledo Refracto 30PX
  • Polarimeter Krüss Optronic
  • Conductometer Mettler Toledo SevenCompac
  • Osilla Spin Coater
  • Reflectance Spectrophotometer UV-Vis Cary 50
  • Mobile Potentiostat/Galvanostat PalmSens4
  • Vortex IKA werke
  • Preparative HPLC
  • Analitical HPLC
  • Rotavapor
  • CD Spectrophotometer with Fluorometer
  • System for digital spectroscopy Cytation 5
  • System for corrosion measurments: Reference 600 Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA with software and electrochemical cell

Research Programmes And Projects

Research Programme Group

  • P2-0438: Optical Chemical Biosensor Systems
  • Principal researcher: Urban Bren
  • P2-0006: Physico Chemical Processes on the SurfaceLayers and Aplications of Nanoparticles
  • Principal researcher: Peter Krajnc
  • P2-0046: Extraction Processes and Product Deseign
  • Principal researcher: Željko Knez
  • P1-0403: Computationally Intensive Complex Systems
  • Principal researcher: Matjaž Perc


Bilateral Cooperations

Bosnia and Hercegovina

  • Eco-friendly, self – repairing (smart) coating for corrosion protection purposes
  • Principal researcher: Regina Fuchs – Godec
  • Corrosin resistant anti- micribial smart coatings for construction materials – BI-BA/21-23-019 
  • Principal researcher: Regina Fuchs – Godec