Research activity


Functional polymers generated with hierarchical porosity

  • Synthesis of new functional polymers in heterogeneous media – suspension, emulsion with a high volume fraction continous phase (HIPE).
  • Potopolymerisation with chain transfer mechanism and the thiol-ene click polymerisation.
  • Using metathesis ring opening polymerisation (Romp) for preparation of cross-linked polyolefin structures.
  • Creating hierarchical porosity by post polymerisation processes – hipercrosslinking.
  • Polymer reactors and polymer scafolds and combinatorial chemistry.

Preparation of new granular and monolithic polymers for applications in synthetic and analytical chemistry to systematically search API with the methods of combinatorial chemistry, and chromatography

  • Studying the properties of new polymer materials with scanning electron microscopy methods, FT-infrared spectroscopy, mercury and nitrogen porosimetry.
  • Synthetic organic chemistry to solid-phase using polymeric supports for structural synthesis of analog compounds and the binding of the excess reactants from the reaction mixture under the conditions of flow techniques.

Biodegradable and biocompatible polymers

  • Synthesis of porous polymers based on acrylates and polysaccharides with thiol-ene chemistry for applications in tissue engineering and tissue culture.
  • Synthesis of porous cross-linked polymers of acrylic acid and acrylamide.
  • Polymeric porous membranes

Studying the mechanisms of formation of various polymeric asymmetric porous membranes prepared by phase inversion

  • Using the areas of various types of separation or separation: medicine (artificial kidney, blood oxygenation) technology in waste and drinking water separations in biotechnology and the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, etc..
  • Chemical surface modification of polymeric asymmetric porous membranes.
  • Porous polymeric membranes of emulsions with a high fraction volume of internal phase.



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  • B.I.A. Separations d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • University of Durham, Department of Chemistry, UK
  • University of Ljubljani, Faculty of chemistry and chemical tehnology, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Czech Academy of Science, Praga, Czech republic
  • Graz University of Technology,  Institute for Chemistry and Technology of organic Materials, Graz, Austria
  • Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry, Vienna, Austria
  • Yalova University, Faculty of Engineering, Polymer Engineering Department, Yalova, Turkey
  • Drexel University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Philadelphia, USA
  • Centre of excellence PoliMaT, Ljubljana, Slovenia