Research activity


Our research is in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular genetics, population genetics, genomics, pharmacogenomics and bioinformatics. We used state of art technology in human genome research for discovery of biomarkers for common complex diseases including inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn disease, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc.


  • Genetic risk factors (susceptibility to complex diseases)
  • Molecular mechanisms of disease pathogenesis
  • Molecular targets for development of new generation of biological drugs
  • Molecular diagnostics including diseases subtypes
  • Prognostic factors for disease development
  • Correlations between treatment response and genetic predisposition (pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics) for personalized medicine to maximize treatment efficiency and avoid adverse drug reactions

Identification of genetic susceptibility to complex disease and treatment response:

  • Development of biobanks with integrated bioinformatic tools for discovery of genotype/phenotype correlations
  • Development of high throughput, reliable and cost effective genotyping including high resolution melting curve analysis
  • Development of applications for quantitative gene expression using Real time PCR and for determination of global gene expression profiles using microarrays (biochips)
  • Identification of genetic susceptibility to complex diseases and disease clinical features using Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and haplotype analysis
  • Discovery of most efficient genetic and gene expression profiles as disease prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers
  • Collaboration with clinical institutions for knowledge transfer into clinical practice for the benefit of the patients


Our researchers do their experimental work in Centre for Human Molecular Genetics and Pharmacogenimics in Fafulty of Medicine, University of Maribor.


  • J3 – 2175: Genetic predisposition and pharmacogenomics of inflammatory bowel diseases
    Principal Researcher: Uroš Potočnik
  • P – 0067: Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics Principal Researcher: Metoda Lipnik Štangelj
  • SFRH/BD/79804/2011: The endocannabinoid system in asthma patients and the effect of cannabinoids in the modulation of inflammatory response (Ministry of Science, Portugal)
    Principal Researcher: Uroš Potočnik
  • IRP-2012/01-20: Correlation between asthma candidate genes and treatment response in children with asthma
    Principal Researcher: Vojko Berce